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We specialize in two things, exceptional customer service and detailed professional cleaning. Proudly serving Snohomish and King County since 2006.
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If your home or business requires cleaning, big or small, we will do the job and do it right.

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Best in the business, if you’re looking for the best service available for the price you have come to the right place. Yes we are a cleaning company but we are on the cutting edge, utilizing the latest technology. This ensures your carpet, floors, walls and countertops receive the best cleaning possible. A key component in our arsenal is the Rotovac Powerwand. The Rotovac Powerwand replaces the traditional scrub wand for extraction carpet cleaning. Combining rotary agitation with hot water extraction, the Rotovac cleans better and leaves the carpet drier.

This multi directional power head produces 25 times faster and deeper cleaning then conventional cleaners, allowing us to offer the best and the fastest service possible.

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